Life Mission Church (Redesign)

Gospel Amnesia

It is a tragedy when a Christian forgets his/her true identity. When we respond to life simply based on what is in front of us - the challenges, fears, anxieties, and conflicts - we don't act or operate as we should. We end up judging others and attacking others. We are constantly battling a forgetfulness of the Gospel, that we were once lost in darkness, but now destined for life. If we can remember this, we will treat others, and react to life's circumstances, radically different.


Life is messy. Church life is messy. Every church has problems, because every church is made up of people. But God has called His people to come together to live life alongside each other and to encourage and carry each other, even amid difficult and challenging circumstances. The Apostle Paul planted a church in Corinth, Greece, and it very quickly became a church that dealt with many problems. They lacked maturity and wisdom, despite being a very gifted church. 1 Corinthians is a fatherly challenge and guide to them to help them get back on track and grow in the wisdom they need.

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