Life Mission Church (Redesign)

Jesus in All the Scriptures

When God devised His plan to send a Savior for us, He wanted us to be prepared to recognize Him. Hundreds of years before Jesus was even born, there were many things declared about the coming Savior in order to point His people to Him, that they would know it was Him. All of these point to Jesus. Throughout this series, we'll be looking at various Old Testament prophecies that point to Jesus, and in particular we will go through one of the most powerful sections of Scripture that illuminates the life and ministry of the Messiah: Isaiah 53.

In this sermon, we see that Jesus Himself even said that He is mentioned "in all the Scriptures," and we start in Genesis to see the very first time the Gospel about the coming Savior is revealed. But despite God's patience towards humanity, even those given great blessings continually reject Him, to the point where even His own people, the Jews, despised Him unto death, just as it was told would be so in Isaiah 53.

Also in this sermon, a video of interviews in modern day Jews being asked about what they know about the Messiah based on Isaiah 53. The answers are both staggering and heartbreaking.

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