Life Mission Church (Redesign)

The Grace of Church Discipline

One of the ways God shows His love to us is through disciplining us away from sin and towards godliness. And one of the ways He does that is through His people. But most of us insist upon our privacy and shut others out of being able to speak into our lives. When we do this, we put ourselves, and others, in danger. Paul has tough words for the church as they have skirted their responsibility of loving each other through tough but tender confrontation. How do we as a church not make this same mistake? How do we engage in church discipline in a way that brings honor to God and hope and health to the church, including the one living in unrepentant sin?


Life is messy. Church life is messy. Every church has problems, because every church is made up of people. But God has called His people to come together to live life alongside each other and to encourage and carry each other, even amid difficult and challenging circumstances. The Apostle Paul planted a church in Corinth, Greece, and it very quickly became a church that dealt with many problems. They lacked maturity and wisdom, despite being a very gifted church. 1 Corinthians is a fatherly challenge and guide to them to help them get back on track and grow in the wisdom they need.

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