Limington Orthodox Presbyterian Church Sermons

Our Eschatological Hope Wrapped Up In the Day of Worship

I. God’s Rest A. A Rest Remains (Psalm 95) I. B. Christ’s Rest or the Believer’s? (V. 10) C. Since a Rest Remains, So Does the Sign (V. 9) II. The Role of the Law in the Life of the Believer A. Its Prominence in Redemptive History B. The Role of the Holy Spirit (Jer. 31:33; Mt. 22:37-40) III. Proper Observance of the Day A. The Commands (Is. 58:13) 1. Not Doing Your Own Ways 2. Not Finding Your Own Pleasure 3. Not Speaking Your Own Words B. The Promised Blessing (Is. 58:14) 1. Delight in the Lord 2. Ride on the High Hills of the Lord (WSC 26) 3. Fed with the Heritage of Jacob C. Guidelines for Proper Observance 1. Rest (Ex. 20:8) 2. Worship 3. Fellowship (Hospitality) 4. Instruction in Righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16, 17; Heid. 103) 5. Works of Necessity 6. Acts of Mercy