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The Transfiguration of Jesus: Missing God, Substituting for God

The poet Mary Oliver writes:

“When it's over, I want to say:

all my life I was a bride married to amazement.”


What amazes you?

I could sit at the Lower Falls of Yellowstone all day.

Magnificent and powerful.

The most beautiful place on earth to me.

What’s yours?

Trudging in from the deep snow today

you might answer: Any beach, please! J

But really, what experiences inspire you?


For me, seeing the Broadway show Les Mis,

nothing better

has ever been made.

The grace and excellence

of what human beings can write and sing

in contemplating who we are and how we live

stays with me, and surfaces in me

when I’m challenged or when I challenge myself

to things greater than me.


Remember falling in love?

Tell your story to someone today.


Or your first piano recital

and tho you were nervous you nailed it!



Or you’re in the hospital waiting for the doctor

and fearing the worst,

but she looks at you and says it’s benign,

you’ll be okay.


Or that Great America coaster Batman the Ride,

you were scared but you did it!


Or that SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket

that not only went into space this week

but sent two rockets back to the landing pad

ready to go again!


Or that U2 concert . . .

something hit you inside and you’re still singing.


Or any episode of This Is Us

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