Lake Region Bible Church

A SON BORN IN BETHLEHEM (Message #4/4 * Ruth 4) 11-01-2015

1. The Kinsman-Redeemer & the Coming-King
The godly fame of Boaz: and the unfortunate anonymity of Mr. So & So

Boaz marries Ruth who bears a son: & life for her & Naomi is restored (from emptiness to fullness)

From Boaz to King David: and “from Foreigner to King Jesus” (adapted from Alistair Begg)

2. The Gospel Foreshadowed in Ruth
The LORD reigns – as Israel’s faithful-covenant keeping God

Israel’s King – is Savior of the world

Redemption – thru God’s Son born in Bethlehem (put your faith in Jesus)

Christ’s sacrificial love – for His bride

Adoption – into the family of God

Fullness & Restoration – our salvation is “already but not yet”

3. Some Concluding Exhortations
Like Ruth: live a life of surrendered, courageous, servant-hearted faith

Like Naomi: persevere by faith as we wait for the LORD’s restoration

Like Boaz: walk in godliness & use our power & wealth to bless others thru sacrificial loving-kindness

Per the Book of Ruth: trust in the LORD and fix our eyes on Jesus


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