Lake Region Bible Church

ABORTION, GOD'S LOVE, AND THE GOSPEL (Topical Message * Psalm 139:13-16) 01-18-2015

1. We are Created by God in His Image


● God’s Purpose for Our Lives: to glorify & enjoy God as His people & witnesses


● God’s Gift & Plan for Sex: to enhance marital companionship & for procreation


● God’s Priority for Women, Mothers & Children: He blesses & uses them for His kingdom & glory


2. Thinking Biblically about Abortion & the Love of God

● The Pregnant Woman in a Fallen World


● The unborn Child & Abortion


3. Obey the Life-transforming Gospel

● Follow King Jesus & make disciples


● Love & Honor Women, Mothers & Children (including the unborn child)


● Be a Prophetic Voice to the Culture


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