Lake Region Bible Church

CONTINUE STEADFASTLY IN PRAYER (Message #1 * Colossians 4:2) 09-20-2015

1. Introduction to Prayer

● What is prayer?
Communion & communication with God: by God’s initiative, revelation & grace

● Some Paradoxes of Prayer
- asking & submitting to God
- pleading with & trusting in God
- wrestling with & resting in God
- lamentation & praise
- personal & corporate

2. Continue Steadfast in Prayer

● Why?
- to mature in Christ: thru Christ-centered knowledge, power, & unity

- to be watchful with thanksgiving: on guard against deception & sin while giving thanks to God for His people
- for the gospel to spread: asking God to open doors & make us faithful witness

● How?
- as a Christ-centered church: who prays biblically for one another

- by seeking things above: putting sin to death & putting on Christ-likeness

- by struggling in prayer: for the people of God

3. Jesus Christ & Prayer

Jesus’ devotion to the Father through prayer: amidst busyness, popularity, miracles, temptation, & suffering

Jesus’ teachings on prayer: be God-centered & watchful

Jesus’ prayers & intercession for the disciples & for us: while on earth & as our High Priest


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