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1. Discipleship in a Hostile World
vs18 - 20 → the world’s response to Christ’s disciples is the same as their response to Christ Himself

vs21 - 25 → the world has rejected God’s revelation & hates Jesus without cause

vs26 - 16v4 → be Spirit-empowered witnesses who are on guard & do not fall away

2. The Supremacy of Jesus Christ (highlights of His farewell discourse)
Jn 13 → Jesus our Lord & Teacher was a servant: so wash each other’s feet

Jn 14 → Christ is the way, the truth & the life and He will return: so believe in Him & don’t be troubled in heart

Jn 15:1ff → Jesus is the true vine: so abide in Him as He abides in us

Jn 15:9ff → Christ laid down His life for us: so love one another as He has loved us

Jn 15 & 16 → Jesus chose us out of a hostile world & sent the Holy Spirit: so be His spirit-empowered witnesses

Jn 16 & 17 → Christ has overcome the world & manifests His glory thru us: so live with His triumphant peace as His united witnesses to the world

3. Discipleship in Today’s Culture (a few things to do & not to do)
● Don’t complain louder than we witness: suffer well for the gospel

● Don’t talk about “persecution” as if it’s never happened in the U.S. before: recognize the suffering of other people groups & be servants to them

● Don’t compromise or give up: hold fast to the gospel while standing up for social justice & religious freedom

● Don’t ignore or be overly influenced by Hollywood, politics, or the media: engage the culture & preach the cross

● Don’t be driven by fear or hate: be courageous gospel witnesses by speaking the truth in love as we focus on the supremacy of Christ

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Cindy Criteser

Discipline is a fear filled word. People equate it with punishment and therefore fear it.