Lake Region Bible Church

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME: the Suffering of the Godly and the Prosperity of the Wicked (Message #4 * Psalm 73) 08-23-2015

1. A Brief Summary of  Psalm 73
v1 God is good to His people: those who are pure in heart (vs23-28)

v2 Inner turmoil & personal reflection (vs13-17; 21-22)

v3 The prosperity of the wicked (vs4-12; 18-20)

2. Some Key Themes in Psalm 73 (a comparison & contrast)
● God’s goodness to His people: and God’s judgment upon the wicked (vs23-24 & vs18-20)

● The God-centered life of the godly: and the evil-prosperity of the wicked (vs23-28; vs4-12)

● God’s goodness to His people (v1): and God’s goodness to me (v28)
3. Living as the Church in the World
● Know Jesus & walk humbly w/ God

● Worship & Fear the Lord through the fellowship of the local church

● Trust & rejoice in God’s grace