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IS SERVING JESUS REALLY WORTH IT: Fearing the LORD when Life is tough (Message #5 * Malachi 3:13-4:6) 05-24-15

1. Fear the LORD: thru faith in Jesus Christ (v16; Php 2:9-13)


2. Fear the LORD: when other believers & the world are not (vs13-15; Rev 2:19ff)


3. Fear the LORD: in fellowship w/ God-fearing believers (v16; Acts 9:31)


4. Fear the LORD: as God’s treasured-possession (vs16-18; 1Pe 2:9ff)


5. Fear the LORD: in light of judgment & eternal glory (4vs1-6; 2Pe 3:8ff)


Outline & Highlights of Malachi’s Message

(Six Disputations the Lord has with His people)

A. the LORD’s elective-love & Israel’s suffering: 1:1-5

  B. the LORD’s name & Israel’s begrudging offerings: 1:6-2:9

    C. the LORD’s favor & Israel’s unfaithfulness in marriage: 2:10-16

    C’ the LORD’s justice & Israel’s immorality & injustices: 2:17-3:5

  B’ the LORD’s faithfulness & Israel’s begrudging offerings: 3:6-12

A’ the LORD’s elective-love & Israel’s suffering: 3:13-4:6


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