Lake Region Bible Church

REJOICING IN THE ETERNAL GOSPEL: amidst the Uncertainty of a New Year (Topical Message * 2 Corinthians 5:16-21) 01-04-2015

1. We become a New Creation in Christ

    2 Corinthians 5:16ff


● we’re alive, justified, adopted, & heirs: not dead, guilty, rejected, & damned


● we are God’s new people: with a new power, perspective, & purpose


● so be reconciled to God: who makes us ambassadors for Christ


2. We Enter New Seasons in Life

   Ecclesiastes 3; Ruth 1; Heb 11:8


● as a normal part of everyday life


● as we obey God’s call on our lives


● so be faithful & walk by faith (Luke 1:5ff)

→ on a daily basis & for the long haul

→ in the little things & the big things


3. We are Waiting for Our New Home

   Hebrews 11:13ff; 2Cor 1; Hag 2


● amidst the dark night of the soul


● when the “glory days” are behind us


● so love God & rejoice in the Lord: as we await the coming-eternal glory (James 1:2ff; Romans 8:28ff)


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