Lake Region Bible Church

THE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR (Message #1/3 * Zephaniah 1) 11-08-2015

1. The Judgment of the LORD is Coming

according to His prophetic-word: v1

upon all the earth/all mankind: vs2-3

against His own people: vs4-6

2. The Day of the LORD is Near

be silent before the LORD God: v7

He will punish His people: vs8-13 (for idolatry, compromise, violence, fraud, & complacency)

His terrifying/jealous-provoking wrath comes upon all mankind: vs14-18

3. God’s Wrath & the Gospel of Christ

Understanding God’s wrath: (His hatred of/opposition against sin)

- God is personal & righteous and He hates all sin

- God is jealous for His own glory and protective of His children

- God’s wrath is already but not yet poured out on sinners

- Jesus rescues us from God’s wrath  

be saved by God’s grace: and be humbled/silenced by God’s wrath

- we are created in God’s image but by nature children of wrath

- call on Jesus’ name & bow to His reign

- love our neighbors & enemies and leave room for God’s wrath

do not downplay God’s wrath: that diminishes our wonder of the gospel & hinders our love for & worship of God


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