Lake Region Bible Church

THE FAMILY AND THE LOCAL CHURCH (Message #6 * Genesis 1:26-31) 05-31-2015

1. The Family & God’s Unfolding Plan

● God made us to be His multiplying people who He dwells with for His glory


● The family is a priority designed by God, but it is not an end in in itself


● Those who are single or do not have children are highly esteemed by God


● All believers are adopted into the family of God & should experience this love thru the local church


2. The Family & the Christian Life

● Love your family members and raise your children up in the Lord


● Embrace a heart & a lifestyle that serves your family & your local church


● Keep your ultimate allegiance to the lordship of Jesus Christ & His gospel


3. The Family & the Local Church

● Be the family of God to one another and care for the widows & orphans


● Build up the individuals & the families in our church & community


● Worship God & make disciples


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