Lake Region Bible Church

THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: and His Life-Transforming Power (Message #3/3 * Romans 8) 02-22-2015

1. For those who are in Christ Jesus…

● there is now no condemnation (v1)


● we have been set free from sin by the indwelling Spirit’s power (vs2-4)


● the Spirit dwells within us because we belong to Christ (vs4-11)


2. The Holy Spirit Dwells within Us

● we set our minds on the things of the Spirit (v5)


● we put sin to death by the Spirit’s power (vs5-13)


● we are sons of God (not slaves of sin) who are led by the Spirit   (vs14-17)


● the Spirit helps us in our weakness & intercedes for us (vs26-27)


3. Walking in the Spirit’s Fellowship & His Life-transforming Power (Ro 12)

● Present our bodies to God as a living sacrifice (vs1-2)


● Be a united Christ-centered body who is humble & uses our gifts   (vs3-8)


● Embrace true agape love: with brotherly affection for each other & by blessing our enemies (vs9-21)



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