Lake Region Bible Church

THE PRAYER OF FAITH AND A LIFE OF FAITHFULNESS (Message #2/2 * John 11:17-44) 09-27-2015

1. Be Unconditionally Devoted to Jesus: & believe in His mighty power
● Mary, her brother’s death, & Jesus’ resurrection power  (Jn 11:17-44)

● John the Baptist, his imprisonment, & Christ-crucified  (Mt 11:1-6)

2. Believe & pray for God to Provide: with a kingdom-centered contentment
● the lilies of the field & the priority of God’s kingdom  (Mt 6:25ff)

● Paul’s contentment in all situations (Php 4:10ff; 2Co 11:23ff; Ac 28:30-31)

3. Pray for God’s Healing: and trust in the sufficiency of His grace
● the prayer of faith  (Jm 5:13ff)

● Paul’s thorn in the flesh  (2Co 12:1ff)

4. Be Unconditionally Devoted to the Gospel: & pray for God’s deliverance
● Imprisonment & the power of a praying church  (Acts 12:1ff; 16:16ff)

● Martyrdom & the priority of the prophetic word  (2Pe 1:12ff; 2Ti 4:6ff)


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