Lake Region Bible Church

THE WORD OF THE KINGDOM AND THE CALL TO DISCIPLESHIP (Parables of the Kingdom #1/3 * Matthew 13:1-23) 09-08-2013

1. King Jesus, the Crowds, and His Disciples


● Are you among the crowds or one of Christ’s disciples?


2. Christ’s Parables and the Secrets of the Kingdom


● the Parables reveal God’s truth and speak judgment on the hard-hearted


● the Kingdom has come and is advancing in mysterious ways


3. The Word of the Kingdom and the Call to Discipleship

    (the Parable of the Sower and the Soils)


● seed along the path (hard-hearted)


● seed on rocky ground (shallow)


● seed among thorns (worldly)


● seed on good soil (devoted)


● Are we bearing fruit? (discipleship)



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