Lake Region Bible Church

WHAT DO WE LEARN ABOUT GOD, THE GOSPEL, AND THE COMING-ETERNAL GLORY (Message #5 * Revelation 21:1-8) 03-29-2015

1. The God who is on the Throne

● Our God reigns: as the Sovereign, Eternal, Creator, Redeemer & Judge


● Our God seals His servants: & reveals to us (His servants) what must soon take place


● Worship the Lord God Almighty: who was, who is, and who is to come


2. The Apocalyptic Gospel

● Jesus Christ is Lord: and He is coming back


● The Lamb who was slain is worthy: and He has ransomed people for God


● The War has been Won: but the battle still rages


● God’s Command & Invitation:

→ Fear God & give Him glory

→ If you are thirsty, come…


3. The Coming-Eternal Glory

● God is making all things new: & He will dwell with us (His people) as our God


● Judgment Day is coming: & God will avenge the blood of His saints


● The Lord’s Command: worship God & keep the words of this book


● Surely Jesus is coming soon: and His grace is with us all


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