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WHAT DO WE LEARN ABOUT JESUS CHRIST AND HIS PROPHETIC-WORD? (Message #1/5 * Revelation 1:1-3) 03-01-2015

1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ

He is the Exalted-Reigning Christ:

→ who loves us, freed us, & has made us a kingdom & priests (Rev 1)

→ who knows His churches & whose purifying presence is w/ us (Rev 1 – 3)


He is the Lion & the Lamb: who reigns victorious over all (Rev 5)


He is the male child caught up to God: who will rule the nations with an iron rod (Rev 12)


He is the Triumphant Warrior-King: coming for His bride & for judgment (Rev 19 – 20)


He is the Lord Jesus: who is surely coming soon & whose grace is with us all (Rev 21 – 22)


→ the Lamb (28x); the Alpha & the Omega; the Temple & the Lamp; the root of David & the bright morning star; the Lord Jesus


→ who will reign w/ God almighty; dwell with His people; is making all things news; gives eternal life to the thirsty; warns & judges; is surely coming soon & whose grace is with us all


2. The Prophetic-Word of Jesus Christ

Biblical prophecy is focused on Christ

→ so fix your eyes on Jesus: amidst tribulation, temptation, & deception


Biblical prophecy demands obedience & promises a glorious-eternal reward

→ so take to heart the 7 beatitudes (persevering-faith, obedience, & keeping watch unto eternal life)


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