Lake Region Baptist Church

Watching the Clock or Watching the Shop?

There are those employees who watch the clock and then there are those who watch the shop.

Matthew 20:1-16

Day laborers came to the labor exchange. The landowner had mercy on those who had gone unemployed all day, yet had families at home depending on them. The man who worked an hour needed the pay just as much as the fellow who worked all day.

God comforts, God has compassion, God is generous.

God pays particular attention to the spirit in which our service is given. Do we haggle and dicker for the best possible contract for US?

Or are we simply grateful for the opportunity to work, and leave the pay rate to the Master?

1) Don't bargain with God, because you will always lose. Do you want a contract with God, or do you want His grace in your life? Be happy God didn't give us what we deserve! Be satisfied with His provision!

2) Don't book-keep with God! Always comparing themselves with others. This leads to discontent, coveting other's privileges, a critical spirit, etc.

3) Don't blame God. God isn't "fair." God is just. Fairness is very subjective. God is just, He always does what is right.

4) Just trust Him! Who was the happiest person in the vineyard that day? The one who came last, and experienced God's grace. Another man's blessing is never your loss. Rejoice with them! Don't complain against God.

When God watches you, while you follow Him, while you labor... does He see one who watches the clock, or one who watches the shop?

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