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1 Samuel 1-2 Feminine Grace in a Troubled World

1 Samuel 1-2- Feminine Grace in a Troubled World

  1.  Introduction - Hannah’s Family
  2. Husband Elkanah, was a direct descendant of Levi (1 Chron. 6:33–38) and was           therefore qualified to function in a priestly capacity. He was a Levite by lineage.
  3.  Therefore Samuel will be able to be a priest as well as a prophet

In those solemn and difficult days Hannah stood out as a faithful servant - a shining example of faith and we will see eventually an excellent example of a godly mother and wife.

She will display prayerfulness, faith, meekness, submission, spiritual devotion and motherly love.

Hannah's son will become the last of the Judges. He will also be a priest who will formally inaugurate the true royal line of Israel - King David!

  1. Peninnah who Elkanah took as second wife to bear children as Hannah could not.
  2. Hannah’s Trouble - vs 1:1-8
  3.  No success in bearing children
  4.  Husband Elkanah took 2nd wife to have children
  5.  Second wife, Peninnah cause sorrow to Hannah with taunts, mockings & reproaches.
  6. Hannah remained trouble because she viewed motherhood as the highest calling.

III.  Hannah’s Supplication vs 1:9-20

  1.  Hannah went with husband and family to Tabernacle for feasts at Shiloh
  2.  She went to Tabernacle and poured her heart out to God and made a vow that if God                     gave her a son she would dedicate him to the Lord’s work  for all of his life.
  3.  Eli, the high priest and said « may the God of Israel grant your petition that you have                 made to Him.    She left and ate and was no longer sad.
  4. Hannah’s Surrender vs 1:21-28
  5.  Mothers generally nursed their children to the age of 3 or 4 in those days.  Therefore Hannah stayed home as Elkanah went up to the temple to sacrifice and worship but when Samuel was weaned, Hannah took him along with a 3 year old bull, some flour and wine to the House of the Lord at Shiloh.  They offered the sacrifice and took the child to Eli and offered Samuel to the Lord for the rest of his life
  6.  Hannah’s Song vs 2:1-10
  7.  Hannah, who humbled herself under the hand of Almighty God, turns and responds to God’s gift, with a thankful soul and a pure, unbroken stream of praise- She Acknowledged God’s holiness; She acknowledged God’s goodness; She acknowledged God’s sovereignty; Acknowledged God’s power; Acknowledged God’s wisdom - She worshiped Him as Savior, as Creator, as  Sovereign Judge

She acknowledged humanities fallenness and unbelief and rebellion

  1.  Hannah’s Son 2:18-21
  2.  Sammuel was used by God to help remove God’s curse on a disobedient nation.


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