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Psalm 14 "The Fool Says..."

Psalm 14 - The fool says…




I. Introduction
A. To unlock and help understand this Psalm a key is needed - That key is Romans 3
B. Psalm 14 written by David is as a wisdom psalm.
C. It is pragmatic or deals with things sensibly - practically-it is a powerful description of the godless

II. The Call for evidence in vs 1-3

A. The Case vs 1
1. The fool has said “there is no GOD”
2. They are corrupt
3. Abominable deeds
4. None the does good
B The Witness - vs 2
C. The conclusion - vs 3 & Romans 3:9-18

III. The Compact charges in vs 4

A. Devour people of GOD like bread
B. Refuse to call upon the name of the LORD

IV. The Condemnation vs 5-6

A. GOD is not with the fool but GOD is with the righteous
B. There is coming a judgment

V. The Conclusion - vs 7

A. Salvation for Israel would come out of Zion
B. GOD has a salvation for believing humanity
C. The LORD will return to make everything right



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