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Psalm 16 "The Unity of our Lives"

Psalm 16 - The Unity of our Lives


A. Psalm 16 overriding thought is the unity of our lives in GOD involves both the journey and the destination.
1. We need to keep in mind that GOD’s goodness involves not only this life (our journey) but also the next life- eternity (our destination).

I. - The Practice of the Godly man vs 1-4

A. Vs-1 David knew where to find sanctuary
1. In the Lord through prayer
B. Vs-2 David is both dependent upon the LORD his God and completely confident that the LORD will take care of him throughout his life’s journey
C. Vs 3 - “I have no good beyond you, belonging, as I do to the saints and the noble in whom is all my delight”
D. Vs 4 - Not only did David identify with other believers in vs 3 but now he states he will have nothing to do with the wicked. He removes himself from false worship and idolatry.

II. The Portion of the Godly man vs 5-6

A. After stating that there was nothing found in the pagan gods, David explained the good he received from Yahweh. --- You are my portion and my cup:
B. You are the portion of my inheritance or my allotted heritage
C. The LORD is David’s chosen portion and cup (destiny)

III. The prospects of a Godly man vs 7-11

A. The Journey - this world vs 7 -9
1. GOD’s Counsel vs 7
2. GOD’s Guarding vs 8
3. GOD’s Gladdening vs 9

IV. The Destination- Heaven vs 10-11

A. He had a settled hope (a confidence, not a simple wish), that God would not leave his soul in the grave (Sheol), but that his life would continue on in the presence of God.
This is a messianic verse.
B. David spoke beyond himself - pointing to Jesus Christ resurrection - Peter preached in Acts 2:25
C. Vs 11 - David seemed to understand that the benefits of this life commitment to God were received in both this life, and the life beyond

V. Conclusion/Application

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