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Psalm 9 "The Ebb & Flow of Praise & Prayer"

Psalm 9:1-20 - Ebb & Flow of Praise & Prayer

Book 1 of Psalms 1-41 - Characteristics of a man after God’s own heart


Psalm 9 - The Ebb & Flow of Praise and Prayer


This is a Psalm of Praise and Prayer - a Thanksgiving psalm.

PRAYER    ---------------------------PRAISE

Both of these activities are characteristics of a born again Believer after God’s own heart

You cannot separate them _ Prayer is the soul’s conversation with our great God AND Savior.  It is in direct address to HIM.

Praise, both direct and indirect is to praise GOD and to call attention to his glory.


I  Introduction

  1. A.  Written to the Chief Musician. To the tune of Muth Labben “Death of the Son.” A Psalm of David.
  2. characteristics of David that help define him as a “man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22)

We have seen some characteristics already:

  • Those who delights in God’s Word
  • Those  who loves what God loves
  • Those  who has absolute faith in God’s sovereignty
  • Those  who has absolute confidence in God’s Salvation
  • Those who trusts in God’s provisions.
  • Those who worships God with all their being


And today the man - the woman of God is intimately acquainted with Prayer and Praise


  1. Praise vs 1-12
  2.  Individual Praise vs 1-5
  3.  Sometimes it requires all of our effort and determination to face the enemy and praise God.  

It will take all of our effort to stand fast in Christ Jesus and lift our voices in praise of our great God & Savior with all of our heart. It needs to be with all of our heart as David points out for “Half a heart is no heart at all.” (Spurgeon)

  1.  Notice the personal praise of David also notice the object of his praise - God alone
  2.  Corporate Praise vs 6-12
  3.  Personal praise will flow over to corporate praise - real personal praise cannot be ignored - it infects everyone within the body.


III. Prayer 13-20

  1. Individual Prayer vs 13-16
  2.  David cries out “Remember me Lord” so that I can recount all your praises and rejoice in your salvation
  3.  Corporate Prayer vs 17-20
  4.  David appeals to God who judges in righteousness. - God will deal with both the wicked and the humble.
  5.  The needy will not be forgotten
  6.  Arise O Lord - judge the nations and let them know they are but men


  1. Conclusion

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