Midwest Church of Christ

Jonah 1 Getting redirected to God's assignment

Jonah was a prophet who forgot God's heart for the nations. He forgot that Israel was to be a holy priesthood so that the nations would be attracted to God. Israel was rescued for the world. Jonah also ran from the Lord because the Assyrians had terrorized Israel with incursions. The irony is that is that he is running from God as a prophet. The other irony is that the pagans care more for him than he does for Nineveh. They cry out to God while he sleeps. Who fears the Lord more? Jonah or the pagan sailors? Yet God is a big God who redirects him to his big task with a big fish. What is your assignment from the Lord? Are you being obedient? Will you redirect your self towards the Assignment or does the Lord need to get your attention through trials?