Midwest Church of Christ

The power of public prophecy 1 - 1 Corinthians 14

Prophecy is powerful because God is powerful. It is immediate revelation in various ways rather than teaching. It is revelation of Jesus - his will, his purposes his ways for our encouragement, exhortation, comfort - as God knows our core emotional needs. God speaks in various ways, and it can be tested by his word. We are to minister adult to adult, so do not despise prophecy - but prove all things (1 Thess 5). Prophecy is happening and we generally need to get quiet and attentive to start listening. It may be at an international as well as personal level. The armenian Genocide was prophesied in 1853 by an 11 year old Russian boy in his village in Turkey , and some took note while others despised. 60 years later it happened in 1914. The Harbinger focused on Isaiah 9:10 is a prophetic level. One fulfillment of Isaiah 14 prediction of the antichrist Tyrant was spot on at Hitler's suicide. Prophecy in Scripture can have multiple applications and fulfilments as God speaks to us. Be open, be discerning, be prayerful, be ready. Blessed are all who trust in him.
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