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Celebrating God's Faithfulness and Being Debt-Free, 1 Chronicles 29

Celebrating Gods Faithfulness & Being Debt-Free

1 Chronicles 29


  1. What God is doing at MCC is primarily for Him, not us.    Vs 1      
  2. Delight, not duty, leads to great God honoring sacrifice.  Vs 3
  3. Sacrificing together leads to ownership & a testimony to others.  Vs 4-9
  4. Walking Together as God leads produces enhanced worship.     Vs 10-17
  5. Asking to stay steadfast & to go into the “more” is the proper prayer after God mightily shows up.    Vs 18-22

The Elders are asking that we all prayerfully consider giving the monies that we were giving to “Debt Retirement” now to the “General Fund” so God can use us to honor His name in more ways until He returns.

Questions for this week:

I.  For Starters:

1. What “faithfulness” of God would you be able to share with someone with a smile on your face?

2. How often do you thank God for His faithfulness to you & what does it dofor you when you take long periods of time praise and thank God for who He is and His faithfulness?

3. What do those times of thanking Him do for Him?

II. Overview of Scripture

  1. Read 1 Chronicles chapters 28 and 29 out loud as a group. What is the main point?
  2. Sum up 28:9-10 in your own words.
  3. Why are these types of admonitions important between a parent and a child?
  4. In 29:1 David wants the congregation to know some truths about Solomon? What are they and why must the congregation know these truths?
  5. In verses 3-5 David gives away about $10 Billion dollars in today’s money. He pretty much paid for the Temple. What is he doing by telling the amount & now asking for the people to give?
  6. In verse 9 how did the people give and what did their giving do for David?
  7. Read verse 14. What do you see about David’s heart in this verse? See about God?
  8. In verse 16 David makes sure he acknowledges a key truth about the whole project. What is the truth and why is it important to tell ourselves regularly this truth?(Read Deuteronomy 8 if you have time)
  9. In verses 20-21 there is a fitting response of the people. What do you envision this celebration was like?
  10. Why is it important for God’s people to seek to be debt free?
  11. Spend some time worshipping & thanking Him after you discuss the message with someone!
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