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Let The Curse Be On Me, My Son; Genesis 27

We all want to be loved. And I think if we all had the same definition, we would say that we all want to be blessed. Compiled from all of the references in the Bible, the word blessed means the happy state of those who find purpose and fulfillment in God. Every single one of us lives our lives according to how we think we might be blessed. Everything we do in our lives shows that we are searching for approval: Maybe we long to be the cool kid at school so we wear ridiculous shirts. Maybe we long to be blessed in our jobs so we work a little more overtime and spend less time with our family, because if we get that promotion or that raise, then we will be blessed. Maybe we long to be blessed in our relationships so we look at people with an eye of selfishness, thinking in terms of beauty only, “If I could just have that person as my husband or wife, then I’d be blessed.” But there are three issues with this thinking: we throw around the word blessing so much we do not know what it means, and since we don’t know what it means we don’t know how much we need it, and since we don’t know how much we need it we flirt with disastrous sin and end up without it… But God in Genesis 27 is here to help.
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