Mountain View Baptist Church (OLD)

Matthew 27 1-31 The Trial

I.          The rebellious heart is on trial.  (1-2)

A.   The leaders of Israel come to Pilate.

B.    Judas regrets the result of his actions.

C.    But Judas is the fulfillment of prophecy.

II.        The government is on trial.  (3-26)

A.   Pilate knows that the issue is envy not treason.

1.       Pilate asks Jesus if He is the King.

2.       Pilate realizes the motive of envy.

B.    Pilate yields to the threat of riot.

C.    The leaders of Israel willingly bear the guilt.  (Rom 11:25)

III.       The heart of the Gentiles is as corrupt as the rest.

A.   The soldiers mock and abuse Jesus.

B.    Jesus is the only one perfectly in the center of God’s will.

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