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Becoming Like Jesus

Becoming Like Jesus

I Timothy 3:1-7; 14-15
Main Point: God’s family grows together in love of God and each other.
I. God gives instructions to his family on how to “do church.” (v.1)
A. God has a job for you to do in this family.
B. God calls men to oversee the work of the church.
II. God teaches us what kind of man may be an elder. (v.2-7)

A. Above reproach: he has a clean, moral and spiritual reputation.

B. One-woman-man: he is faithful and true to his wife if married, or living sexually-pure if not married.

C. Temperate: He must be alert and of sound judgment.

D. Prudent: He must be objective, sensible in the face of trouble.

E. Respectable: He is well behaved and orderly.

F. Hospitable: He has a heart for others, a “love for strangers.”

G. He must be able to teach.

H. He is not addicted to alcohol or anything else that would damage his testimony and God’s work.


I. Not violent: He doesn’t have verbal or physical outbursts.

J. Gentle: He is patient and forgiving.

K. Peaceable: He is not always getting into arguments.

L. Not Greedy: He is not “in it for the money.”

M. He manages his own household well.

       1.) Parenting is shepherding.

       2.) Family ministry is priority over church ministry.

N. He is not a new believer, but is mature in the faith.

O. He must have a good reputation with non-believers.

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