Mountain View Baptist Church


Esther 2:19-3:15

Main Point:   Surrender becomes rest when you have God’s perspective.

I. God’s provision and timing are perfect (2:19-23).

A. God puts his people in place for his purpose (v.19-20).

B. Salvation comes from a Jew (v. 22; cf. Jn. 4:22).

C. Sometimes reward is postponed (v.23).

II. Surrender every struggle to God (3:1-6).

A. Pick a side (v.1-2).

B. Don’t compromise (v.3-4).

C. Prepare for persecution (v.5-6).

III. Have God’s perspective (3:7-15).

A. Perceive! (1 Sam. 16:7; Ps. 66:7; 46:10)

B. Be patient: God controls the calendar (v.7).

C. Pray: God has all authority (v.10-12).

D. Proclaim: God invites the hopeless to hope (v.13-15).

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