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The Prophets: Isaiah (680-740 B.C.)

The Prophets—Isaiah (680-740 BC)

Main Point:   God has the answer to the problem of sin.

I. Much of the world ignores God.

  • 1:1-4       Their behavior was bad.
  • 1:11-13   Their worship was empty.
  • 1:21-23   Their society was corrupt.
  • 2:7-8       Wealth but no love of God.
  • 2:12        Proud and self-important.
  • 3:16        A contempt of others.
  • 5:8-12     Selfish and self-serving.
  • 5:20        Call evil good and good evil.
  • 5:22        Glorifying godless behavior.
  • 8:19-20   Seeking the occult.

II. But God has not forgotten the world.

  • 40:1-2     God has a message of comfort.
  • 53:1-3     The Messiah has perfect character.
  • 53:4-9     The Messiah is a perfect sacrifice.
  • 53:10-12  The Messiah is our Savior.



Discussion Questions for Study Groups

(Read Isa 1:1-4 and 1:12-15) What are the things the people are doing that offend God? Why does God despise their offerings? What is the condition of their heart? How are they mixing their faith in God with their daily walk?

(Read Isa 1:16-20) What does the Lord tell them to do? What does it mean to “seek justice?” How are they to plead the widow’s cause? How would you put this in today’s terms?

(Read Isa 40:1-5) After 39 chapters of rebuking the nation, what does God say He will do? How will this happen?

(Read Isa 53:1-12) Who is this chapter about? What is happening in verses 5-6? What does this chapter tell us about the end of it all, who wins despite all the evil in the world?

(Read Isa 66:22-23) Contrast the end of Isaiah with the beginning. Why is there hope? Who brought us the hope? How should we live today in light of God’s message through Isaiah?

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