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The Prophets: Zechariah

The Prophets—Zechariah (520-470 BC)

Main Point:  Press on! The Lord is coming soon.

I. Eight Visions—God will restore all things.

  1. He will rebuke the nations and bless Israel. 1:15-17
  2. He will judge the nations that attacked Israel. 1:20
  3. He will restore Jerusalem and bless it. 2:4-5
  4. He will cleanse the land. 3:9
  5. He will make Israel His witnesses again. 4:8-10
  6. He will rebuke the sins of treachery. 5:3-4
  7. He will remove wickedness. 5:6-7
  8. He will judge the nations. 6:5-6

II. Four Messages—Seek the Lord with all your heart.

  1. He calls for honesty in worship. 7:4-6
  2. He calls for kindness toward others. 7:8-10
  3. He will restore Israel and make it great. 8:3
  4. Fast days will become days of great joy. 8:19

III. Two Oracles—Each one must decide about the Messiah.

  1. One describes His coming and rejection. 9:9, 11:13
  2. One describes His return and triumph. 12:10, 14:8-9
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