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The Prophets: Zephaniah

The Prophets—Zephaniah (630 BC)

Main Point:  Every generation needs to give all allegiance to the Lord.

I. The righteous long for the end of sin.

A. Josiah brought revival to Judah. 2 Chron 34:1-21

B. America has known times of revival.

II. Revival is delayed when the people love sin.

A. Zephaniah declares the judgment to come. 1:1-3:8

    1. It will affect the whole earth. 1:1-3
    2. It will affect the nation of Judah. 1:4-2:3
    3. It will affect the nations around Judah. 2:4-15
    4. It will affect the city of Jerusalem. 3:1-7
    5. It will affect the whole earth. 3:8

B. We have not known revival for over a generation.

III. Revival begins with each believer making a commitment.

A. Zephaniah declares that a day of joy is coming. 3:9-20

1. Zephaniah promises a time of conversion. 3:9-13

2. Zephaniah promises a time of restoration. 3:14-20

B. Pray for revival in our own nation.


Discussion Questions

(Scan 2 Chronicles 34:1-21) Do you think Josiah had influence in his life? Why could Zephaniah be one of those? Who is another found in 2 Kings 22:1? Where is Josiah in the nation’s history, close to the end or somewhere else? Was this revival from the peoples’ hearts or the king’s edict?

(Scan Zephaniah 1:1-3:8) As a relative of King Josiah, what access to the palace did Zephaniah likely have? Why does the Lord say He is going to judge the earth? Even though Josiah was cleaning up the city, why did Zephaniah say that judgment would come? Discuss the difference between revival and a passing interest.

(Read Zephaniah 3:14-17) Why does the prophet describe God as a “warrior who saves?” How can you join Him in the battle for revival?

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