Mending Place at South City

Faith That Works (Part 7) Faith That Follows

Most of us have driven in dense fog before. Typically we do not pull over and wait for the fog to lift. It could add hours to our trip. It would keep us from reaching our destination or worse, missing out on something that was time sensitive. Its also dangerous to be stopped on the road because others might not see us. Instead, we look for something to guide us. Markers on the road or tail lights of a vehicle in front of us. We put a certain level of trust in whats ahead to get us safely to where we want to go despite the anxiety we might feel over the conditions. In our faith travels we will encounter fog, storms and rough conditions. Even in clear conditions we may be lost, unsure of where we are going. Jesus is our beacon. He is the shining light piercing through anything the world can put between us. His light can be seen no matter the direction we are coming from. Jesus is asking you to put your faith in him and promises He will guide you safely to your destination. Follow along as Pastor D.M. Gates explains why following Jesus through the fog is the only way to travel.
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