New City Church - Austin

Advent: Adoption

Adoption is possibly one of the most misunderstood truths of the gospel and the Christian life. For many it is a second best option to having your own children, and for others it is not even an option because of fear. For the Christian, these are both examples of wrong and incomplete thinking about adoption. The truth is that adoption is at the center of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is perhaps the strongest demonstration of the gospel that exists. In adoption we see children who are fatherless, abandoned, alone, and left to wander brought into a new life of hope, joy and family. We see the story of adoption carried out spiritually in God's adoption of us as Christians in Jesus Christ. We see in the scriptures that our adoption is older than creation and the entire cosmos is groaning, longing to see the revealing of sons and daughters of God. As people adopted into God's family, we are a people of adoption. As adopted children of God, our identity becomes that of sons and daughters of God, sharing in the inheritance of all things with Christ and as a son or daughter we share the mission of the Son, the renewal of all things. This spiritual truth of adoption compels us to be people who support adoption and physically adopt children today. Adoption is a powerful gospel declaration and demonstration that we can join God in.

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