New Hope Christian Fellowship

Who Is God?

OVERVIEW OF CHURCH POLITY FOR NEW HOPE CHIRSTIAN FELLOWSHIP As we look into God’s Word today, we are taking a temporary turn from the Gospel of John. We, as New Hope Christian Fellowship, have been moving in the direction of discerning God’s direction for our church polity, and have been moving to create the documents that will enable us to bring Him glory. In doing so, we have already prayerfully constructed a document that gives clarity to what we, as the body of Christ, believe. This document is New Hope’s Statement of Faith. The statement of faith is what establishes the unified beliefs of an individual church, beliefs that everyone adopts as foundational to their faith. Over the next several weeks, we, as a church, will be working through our Statement of Belief to clarify to everyone attending our church what we believe. After we have worked through New Hope’s Statement of Faith, we will work through New Hope’s church covenant, clarifying what it means to be a part of this church in regards to each other. In other words, we will be looking at principles that will govern our behavior toward each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Once completed, we should be ready to review the church constitution, which will govern how the church will operate. Once we have completed our review of the constitution, we will have completed what we will call our “New Member’s Orientation,” and then move in the direction of establishing an official membership. As we begin, we will be looking at three to four statements within our statement of faith each Sunday. We respectfully ask that you prayerfully consider being present through this time of orientation so that you will have the clearest understanding of what it means to be e member of New Hope Christian Fellowship.
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