New Life Christian Church of Emporia

A Tension

Our culture programs us to do anything but pray.  Let's be honest; we are conditioned from an early age to "work hard," "study hard," "get a good job," "perform well," "plan for the future," etc.  While there is nothing wrong about any of those things in and of themselves...they can lead a person into thinking they are self-sufficient and in control. 

What is a Christian to do?  What about non-Christians who are open to Truth?  One thing we can do is be open to learn from life experiences which clearly indicate we are not in control; e.g., the blizzard which "paralyzed" a large part of the country this past week ought to tip us off we are not all-powerful (AND NOTE I did not say God caused the blizzard - not even going there - just saying we are at the mercy of things outside of our control). 

In prayer we are able to encounter One Who is not only "all-powerful," but also cares about us.  It is the balance of Creator & Father - a tension which is healthy to keep.

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