New Life Christian Church of Emporia

Surroundings or Sovereignty?

No one is immune to it. In other words, we have all done it...and the "we" includes all of humanity (even my atheist and agnostic friends). We have all had our view of God shaped by our surroundings. For some, this has led them to believe there is no God, or at least that there is not enough evidence.

I suppose you could say it (meaning our surroundings shaping our view of God) is only natural... However, since when has the Bible ever called us to do what comes naturally? Granted, this sermon does not seek to address those who are atheist or agnostic directly, but it does still touch on a truth: There comes a time in life where you have to choose if the surroundings you have faced and your experiences are going to shape your view of God...or if you will allow the sovereign God of the Bible to shape your responses and actions.