New Life Pentecostal Church

Be Reconciled to God

The fear of the Lord (v11)
The appropriate reverential awe or fear of our Creator and Judge strengthens our resolve to please Jesus and motivates our attempts to persuade others to trust in Jesus

Paul's motives (v12 - 13)
Behind all of his behaviour there has been two overriding motives:
to serve God
to help the Corinthians

New creations in Christ
(v14 - 17)
Jesus died that we might have new life
Our old nature was crucified with Jesus on the Cross
We have been made anew in Him
We no longer regard others as we used to

The ministry of reconciliation (v18 - 19)
We have been saved to serve
Our task is to bring the message of reconciliation

Ambassadors for Christ (5:20 -6:2)
A high calling
A powerful, necessary message
Time is of the essence because time may be short!


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