God's heart for you

God’s heart for you
A wonderful psalm of praise to God
A number of aspects of what God does for His children are recounted
His heart towards us is revealed

He loves to help those in need (6 – 7)
The poor
The oppressed
The orphans and widows

He is merciful to those who don’t deserve it (8)
Slow to anger
Abounding in love

He does not give us what we deserve (9, 10)
He does not accuse us when we do wrong
He keeps no record of our wrongs
He does not repay us for our sins

He forgives all of our sins (11 -12)
As far as the heavens are from the earth
As far as the east is from the west

He understands that we are frail, weak (13)
He does not despise our weakness
He is compassionate to His children
He understands our fears when faced with powerful enemies

He understands that our life is short, limited (14 – 16)
He wants us to use our time wisely, with a purpose
We may not be here for a long time but we can leave a legacy

He links us to eternity (17 – 19)
The importance of the “but” in verse 17
God has promised to be with His children and that we will be with Him for eternity
Our eternal destiny is secure in His Almighty hands

The psalmist reminds us of our richness as God’s children
We have an endless hope not a hopeless end
God loves His weak, frail, needy, guilty children and will guide them safely home