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Something's burning!

The parable of the cooking pot

žThe prophecy is given on the day Nebuchadnezzar begins his two year siege of Jerusalem
žWhat begins as a pleasant song ends in a terrible warning
žWhat ought to be a tasty, sacred meal is a foul, profane mess
žThe pot represents Jerusalem
žThrough Ezekiel God is telling the exiles that Jerusalem will be destroyed – smoke, fire & destruction

The error of presumption

žThe people of Judah presumed that God would always save them no matter what they did
žHe had saved them from the Assyrians in the previous century surely he would do so again
žAs long as the outward show of faith remained God would keep His chosen city secure (Deut 12:5,11)
žJesus warned His disciples about this same attitude when He spoke of the Pharisees (Matt 16:6)
žGod looks on the inside not the outside (1 Samuel 16:7)
ž“The Lord knows those who are His” 2 Timothy 2:19
žSee also Numbers 16:5

“It doesn’t matter how we live – we are saved anyway”

žThis was Judah’s error and an error we too can fall into - antinomianism
žThe evidence of God’s grace is a life devoted to the service of God
ž“It is a great deal better to live a holy life than to talk about it. Lighthouses do not ring bells and fire cannon to call attention to their shining – they just shine”  D.L.Moody
Wilful error
žThey willed to sin and sinned because they willed it
“I tried to cleanse you but you would not be cleansed”   (24:13)
ž Observe the warning to Christians in Hebrews 10:26 – 31
žWe have peace and assurance as long as we “run with perseverance the race marked out for us” – Hebrews 12:1
The Lord’s denunciation (v 14)
žIt is definite -“I the Lord have spoken it”
žIt is imminent -“the time has come for me to act”
žIt is irrevocable - “I will not hold back; I will not have pity, nor will I relent”
žIt is fair – “You will be judged according to your conduct and your actions”
And us?
žEnsure we are living the life God has called us to
žBe prepared to speak God’s word – even if people refuse to hear
žThe certainty of God’s judgement (Gen 18:25)
žHold lightly to the things of this world – they are passing away (1 Cor 7:29 – 31)
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