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Trial & Triumph


  1. Job was successful
    1. Perfect (always conscientious in his motives and behavior).
    2. Upright (diligent; applied himself spiritually; not backslidden).
    3. Feared God.
    4. Eschewed evil (loathed carnality/insincerity).
    5. Ten children (to help maintain all of his business interests).
    6. Net worth-between $20,800,000-$56,000,000 in livestock alone.
    7. The magistrate and/or governor of Uz.  He sat in the city gate (city hall).  Residents stood when he entered the room.  His counsel was diligently sought after and revered.
    8. In reality, he was just awaiting the next setback.  There are no guarantees in life of perpetual success, or failure.
  2. Claimed to be the oldest book in the Bible
    1. Highlights the oldest spiritual pattern known to man: Trial & Triumph, Setback & Success, etc. 
  3. Uz was a fertile region northeast of Palestine, but not far from a desert
    1. A trial is never very far away from a blessing, and vice versa.
  4. Here come the setbacks
    1. Horrible tragedy kills all 10 of his children & most of his employees.
    2. He loses all his livestock & real estate.
    3. He loses all his money.
    4. BK 7
    5. Afflicted w/boils from head to toe that he has to scrape off.
    6. Vilified socially. A social pariah.
    7. Wife turns on him and advocates a profane death wish.  In reality, he was just awaiting greater success.
  5. The purpose of trials
    1. The only way to become Christ like.
    2. Refinement-only heat will purge impurities in gold.
    3. Temporary-for a season.  2 Corinthians 4:17, 18.
    4. Diverse-emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, financial, relational, material.
    5. To produce Christ like character.
    6. The only thing worse than a setback is unchecked success.
  6. The final analysis-Job 42:10-17
  7.  Jesus Christ
    1. The year of popularity-multitudes thronged Him & attempted to thrust Him into a kingly reign by force.
    2. He was really just awaiting His upcoming trial.
    3. The year of opposition-rejected by the nation, beaten mercilessly and crucified naked on the city garbage dump.
  8. We are all just awaiting the trials of setbacks & success.
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