Excuse me, this is raw!

New Series Introduction: "I like sushi!"

Text:  Lamentations Chapter One

Written in a cave at the base of a lonely hill outside the city gates of Jerusalem, the five poems of "Lamentations" have been cherished and honored for centuries.  At the time, no one knew how significant that small hill would become centuries later.  Today, we know it as "Calvary".  

The following five part series entitled "I like sushi!" will explore the emotion and raw experience of life as found in Jeremiah's "Lamentations".  We will dive to the lowest depths, as well as, climb to the highests heights.  All the while learning that there is divine purpose to be realized in the dark caves and sunny hillsides of everyday living.  Oftentimes, the greatest grace we come to know is found when we step out of our "cave" and chose to climb the hill before us.


Evelyn Horner

Very good sermon. I was a little sad I had missed the service last week, but I was very excitef that I could hear it online! Thank you Pastor Luke!