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What's In and What's Out?

NWC Questions

for Personal Study and Small Groups 6/12/11

What's In & What's Out?

1 Cor. 8

Focus: calling the church to let love for one another and for Christ

be the determining factor in exercising their freedoms.

• What are issues that we are facing where it is a challenge to know

if you should do something or not? What might be a modern day

parallel to eating meat sacrificed to idols?

• Read the entire chapter aloud. why does Paul raise the issues of

love and knowledge when he is writing about eating meat offered to


• How would you summarize what Paul is saying about idols and

about God in vv. 4-6? How does this relate to the discussion at


• If food is nothing and idols are nothing, how is it that someone can

sin in eating meat sacrificed to idols? What role does the

conscience play in honoring God?

• How do vv. 11-13 impact you? What is the key idea from these

verses that needs to affect you?

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