North Chester Baptist Church

Back To The Basics

  • Go teach all nations (Gospel)
  • Baptize “them”, those from all nations who have believed (Obedience)
  • Teach “them” to observe all of Jesus’ teaching (to observe is to: know His teachings, to keep His teachings, and to teach them to others.) 

This is what we are to be doing. This is what we see the fledgling church at Ephesus doing!


  1. Going Forward With The Gospel Vs 1-4
    1. Paul is the leader there. 
      1. He preached the Gospel to them earlier.
      2. Apollos has preached there
      3. Aquilla and Priscilla have worked there.
    2. Paul’s concern for people’s souls (Vs 2-4)
      1. John’s disciples had an incomplete knowledge of Jesus Christ. Vs 2-3
        • Acts is a transitional period (Old Testament era - to New Testament age of Grace) It is a time of special miracles, and special privileges for the Apostles. (those who have seen the risen Christ)
        • If an individual does not have the Holy Spirit in their heart it is because they have not Believed on Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
        • What kind of answer was Paul looking for in Verse 3? — They must have brought up baptism (Not for salvation) They could have said we’ve been baptized into the body of Christ, by the Holy Spirit, but they didn’t. 
      2. Paul tells them the “rest of the story” VS 4-5
        • People were baptized by John the Baptist to show that they were Repentant. (Picture of DBR) “I need a Saviour and I believe that He is coming.” (This is why the Pharisees and Sadducees hated John’s message)
        • People are baptized as believers because they have Repented of their sin and have Believed in Jesus Christ. “I have been crucified with Christ, He has taken away my sin, and I have been made a New Creature!” (All believers in the New Testament gave this public testimony of salvation)
        • Paul told these open-hearted disciples that Jesus had already come, died, and rose again! — They believed what he told them about Christ, and were baptized in His name! (Emphasis here in Vs 5 is on Jesus Christ, because in their minds He was the missing element.)
  2. Baptizing New Converts Vs 5-7
    1. Paul is always concerned about people taking the next step of obedience in their lives. 
    2. These believers had a Desire to be baptized.
      1. If baptism was a necessity for salvation we’d hog tie people and dunk ‘em!
      2. It’s not a necessity for salvation, but it is a necessity for obedience to Christ.
        • Obedience for the New believer (It is the greatest way to share your testimony) (Mark 16:15)
        • Obedience for the local church (Matt 28:19b)
        • Obedience for church membership 
          • Saved by grace through faith
          • Baptized the Bible way
          • Submitted to the authority of Christ and His church (the local church that you are baptized into)
  3. Carefully Teaching God’s Word Vs 8-12
    1. 3 Months preaching and teaching in the Synagogue of the Jews, with the 12 New believers. (Vs 6, these believers may have been new, but they had the power God on them!)
    2. Disputed daily at the school of Tyrannus.
    3. Continued there for 2 years
      1. The Gospel was central Vs 8, 10
      2. The opportunities were many Vs 9
      3. The time was relatively short Vs 10


- Do you need to believe on Jesus Christ? Have you been trusting in something other than Him?

- Do you need to be Scripturally baptized now that you are a believer? Let me know and we can make it happen.


This what I want to be said of our church. That we are carrying the Gospel forward into 2016. That we are baptizing New Converts. And that we are always Carefully teaching God’s Word!

Would you work to this end? Better yet, would you pray and work to this end?

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