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Church Alive, Forever!

I want to begin by reminding you that…

  • The book of Acts is so called because we are being told about the Actions of the Apostles. Or maybe more accurately we’re being told about the Actions of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles, and through the church of Jesus Christ.
  • First, the Holy Spirit worked in Apostles and believers in Chapter 2.
  • Then, the Holy Spirit worked through them,  mightily.
  • Finally, the narrative ends with the Holy Spirit working in the lives of people. — Jew and Gentile.


The Fact is, the church of Jesus Christ was alive and well then, because Jesus lives. The proof is in the amazing things that God did though the lives of his obedient followers. 

Jesus still lives, Jesus still works, and Jesus still uses His obedient followers! That can mean you and me. Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. …He is still doing this work!

The Apostle Paul left us a great example in Acts 28. It’s in his love for people that we see the true reflection of the heart of God. 

People matter. You matter. So people should matter to us.

People are not the goal. Obeying Christ is the goal, and in that we too can reflect God’s heart.



Acts 28




  1. Vs 1-9 — Paul’s heart for the islanders
    1. Just like God used him to minister to the men on board the ship.
    2. God uses him to minister to these natives on the Island.
  2. Vs 14-16 — People’s heart for Paul
  3. Vs 17-23 — Paul’s heart for the Jews of Rome
    1. First, I am Bound for Christ Vs 20
    2. Second, He opened the Scriptures to them. Vs 21-23
      1. He Explained and gave Examples of what God had been doing.
      2. Persuaded them to believe on Jesus of Nazareth because indeed He is their Anointed Saviour!
        1. Law of Moses
          1. Genesis, and spoke of the Sacrifice that was required for Adam and Eve.
          2. Maybe reminded them of Noah and the Ark. And that just as safety from the flood waters was found inside the vessel, Salvation is only found in Christ Jesus.
          3. I wonder then if maybe he spoke of Joseph as a type of Christ. The saviour of his people and of all the world in that terrible famine.
          4. Exodus, spoke of Moses interceding on behalf of his people. When Pharaoh wanted to keep them God raised up Moses to say let my people Go! They could’ve surely seen Moses interceding for the people when they should’ve been destroyed.
          5. Maybe, as they looked at the Law of God, Paul simply explained Jesus’ deity though the description of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.
        2. God’s Prophets
          1. Paul must’ve opened the Scriptures and just let the Prophet’s speak of the One they call Prophet, Priest, and King. Jesus. 
          2. Isaiah show them the Virgin Birth.
          3. Micah showed them of the place of His birth.
          4. Isaiah told them of the life and miracles.
          5. Zechariah told them of his rejection & betrayal.
          6. The Psalms (Hebrew Hymnbook) along with Isaiah would show them the crucifixion, death, and Resurrection of our Lord. (Isaiah 53, Ps 22:14-15, 25-27)
          7. Daniel & Ezekiel tell of His Second Coming.
          8. Paul would say men & brethren consider Abraham & Isaac on Mt. Moriah and the Ram caught in the thicket! The serpent on the pole, The meaning of the Passover, the scores of sacrifices .
          9. Maybe, Paul ended his discussion with the simple truth that Jesus Himself shared with Nicodemus. “Ye must be born again!”
  4. Vs 24-29 — God wants to work in YOU
    1. Finality to his message.
    2. Final and 7th Judgment Vs 26-27
  5. Vs 30-31 — The Work of God continues
    1. Abrupt ending to this book Vs 31
    2. to be continued… Because God is still working in the hearts of people, the Church of Jesus Christ is Alive, Forever



The Church is Alive Forever


    1. So take your place and be a part of what God is doing. 
    2. Believe in the Saviour. Receive Him as your own.
    3. Ask God what He wants to do through your life.
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