North Chester Baptist Church

The Rescuer

  1. Zacchaeus, Lost in his own world. Vs 1-4
    1. A world that he was born into. (Cursed city Jericho)
    2. A world that he had helped create (Cursed job, publican tax collector)
    3. A world he thought he might enjoy (Riches from his thieving practice)
  2. Jesus, Left His world & came to ours. Vs 5,10
    1. He left Heaven and came to the sin cursed earth
    2. He became man to win the sin cursed man.
    3. He even came to the town of sinful men, Jericho.
    4. He came after one man, Zacchaeus. 
    5. He came looking for that man! Vs 5
  3. Society, Lamented Jesus coming to Zacchaeus’ life. Vs 7
    1. Society didn’t like the thought of this supposed Rabbi fraternizing with the likes of a sinner like Zacchaeus. Vs7
      1. Sometimes our society doesn’t like the idea of Jesus being perceived as the answer to peoples problems. — But He Is!
      2. Sometimes our churches don’t care for the idea of people with problems and reputations coming into “Our Church!” — It’s not our church…It’s His Church!
        1. Maybe some don’t want people who look and act differently than them changing the face of “their” church.
        2. Maybe some fear that if a life is changed then their life will be seen as spiritually lacking in some way. 
        3. May the Spirit of the Rescuer Himself always and forever keep us from that kind of spiritual delay.
  4. End Result, The Rescuer Found His Man! Vs 6,8-9
    1. Zacchaeus’ life was changed when he came to Jesus. Yours can be too. Vs 6, 8-9 
    2. Join the Volunteer Rescue Service! (ref. article from michiganradio.org)
      1. If the Rescuer has come and found you already, then you must yourself be a Rescuer like Him. (Maniac of Gadara, Saul of Tarsus, 1 Leper out of 10) 
      2. Would you be willing to ask the Lord what He wants you to do for Him? It takes Faith and Spiritual Guts!
      3. Opportunities are here:
        1. Children’s ministry (VBS, Van drivers, teaching a class, assisting a teacher in a class, nursery workers are needed.)
        2. Clean Team ministry (Cleaning, maintenance, yard mowing.
        3. Outreach Ministry (go, keep records, mail cards and notes, go on your own to your neighbors, make a pie for someone deliver it with a tract or a bible, or a booklet)
        4. Prayer Ministry (weekly prayer meeting, take requests home and pray over them daily)
      4. Don’t know what your suited for? Maybe next week’s message will help as we talk about Discovering Spiritual Gifts!

What is the next step that I need to take?

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