Northwest Church of Christ

Your Kingdom Come

So far in the series we have introduced the idea that God’s desire to seek and save the lost is part of his larger plan to liberate and glorify the entire creation. In fact, the entire creation groans in anticipation of the fulfillment of this mission through his followers. Incredibly, God has chosen to do most of that work through the lives of Christians. So each of us has our own page in God’s story. But what happens when lots of Christians start catching a single shared vision of what God is up to in this world and start jumping on board. Jesus prayed that when God’s Kingdom came, his will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven. He taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is like salt, light, and yeast. They change and overcome everything they touch. This sermon will also use the example of Martin Luther King, Jr., his sermons, and the Christian movement he led in this country when Christians saw what God was doing and joined that mission.