Olathe View Baptist Church

We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Have you ever stopped to think how much we are influenced by the invisible things in this life? We know they exist, even though we cannot see them, and in many instances we live our lives in full expectation that they will consistently do their job. I am talking about things like electricity, gravity, radio waves and such. But there is another unseen category that each of us as believers need to pay just as much attention to, or perhaps even more; now I am talking about the unseen realities we discover in the Word of God. Though invisible, they are every bit as real and every bit as active as electricity, gravity and radio waves. God wants His people to be just as convinced of their impact in this life. Granted, it is much easier to navigate through this life by what we can see, hear and feel for ourselves; we call this living by sight. However, to live by sight alone will short-change the believer of experiences and blessings much greater; for these, the believer must walk by faith.
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